Notes with Exchange 2010

Any plans on implementing the ability to sync the notes with exchange 2010?
On my android phone I can take notes and they sync with my outlook 2010 on my PC.

Would love for eM Client to do same, you have everything else in sync: mails, tasks, calendar events, contacts - why not the notes ?


Hi, we do not support notes because we have no notes section in eM Client, it is also not planned to implement it in foreseeable future.


You might want to reconsider, with PC users moving towards Windows 8, apps like Touchdown will be usable on a PC and on smart phones or tablets… they could become the replacement for Outlook instead of eM Client.

you can create an idea topic for this feature so other users can support your idea :slight_smile:


I would also prefer to use Outlook Notes under eM. touch Down is offering this Feature under Android.

That’s a pitty!

Hi Karl, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately Notes are not currently on our Roadmap to upcoming updates of the application, however we’ll consider adding the feature into future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,