Notes widget

I really like eM Client, but the one thing that was lacking was a Notes widget like Outlook used to have. It was super handy for me, and no app has ever worked as well. I even tried using eM’s Tasks as notes - didn’t work. 

Problem solved. :slight_smile: can be added to the Widgets. I have it enlarged so that I can see the entire bulletin board of notes at once. HUGE HELP. eM Client works perfectly for me now!

eM Client team - please don’t muck around with the widgets feature in future updates! Thanks! 

notes will be fully supported in upcoming eM Client 8 later this year.


Michal Burger
eM Client

Addition of notes will make eM Client the perfect program.  I am trialing V7.2.36908.0 now so will wait for V8 to purchase because sometimes promised changes do not always happen and I have been caught before so I hope V8 will be available soon I am trying to dump Outlook.


Testing beta 8.
Can not figure out how to export notes from ol2010 to emclient 8.
ol2010 does not have .ics or vCard export.


Has the notes functionality been added? 

Full support for local and server side Notes

So bummed that eM Client seems to have stopped working with the widget. I use it all the time, but a couple of updates ago, the widget stopped filling in on eM Client and now I have to login to the widget each time, and can no longer navigate the board notes - you get a 404 error if you try to look at an individual note. Being able to use this widget on EmC was one of my favorite features about this application. Is there any chance it will be working again in the future?