Notes syncing challenges - better notes integration

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I just upgraded to pro mostly to get notes. I am seeing that there is some inconsistencies across the platforms. Not all of this is emclient’s doing of course. For instance, I go in with notes on emclient and make a note. I make a grid, embed photos, etc. The photos do not show on my phone. Similarly IOS notes is supercharged when using icloud notes, I can do checklists, images, etc. These features are not available on exchange notes on O365. I played around a bit with the O365 web notes, the IOS notes for that same account and emclient’s notes. I don’t think its ready for prime time just yet, syncing is sporadic and I am afraid of it eating my note content. Unfortunately, this is where something like evernote comes in with a seamless cross platform use of notes. I really don’t like having essentials spread all over different services but it looks like this is possibly the 80/20 rule for me.

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Before version 8 was released, it was mentioned in the eM Client Blog post New Year and new eM Client are coming that Notes would be “compatible with Exchange, IceWarp, iCloud and Evernote”. The Evernote integration never happened and I was told that was because Evernote pulled support for external access to it’s data.

So that was a big disappointment.

But as far as integration with other services, it seems to have not been fully implemented either. I have to agree with you @dma2112 that eM Client Notes are not ready for prime time.