Notes folder

Hi there

is there anyway to remove the “Notes” folder from EM client mail? Whenever I try to delete it, it just comes back within a few seconds.



What is the mail server on the back end? You can’t remove “system” folders (like INBOX) on most servers. Is it possible Notes folder is a system folder on your mail server?

Hey. its Hotmail and I don’t have a “notes” mail folder.  I also tried with a second Hotmail account and EM client seemed to add a “notes” mail folder too. So i’m wondering if its EM client that does this?  Could you/anyone check if they have a “notes” mail folder that cant be deleted?

I think since Hotmail is using Exchange, it may be a system folder.  Try going to the web client and see if it allows you to delete it there.  eM Client shouldn’t create any folders.

I also note that I am using Gmail and I have a notes folder that seems to be populated by the notes content on my iphone.

hi jay  thanks

I went to the web client and there was no Notes mail folder on either of the Hotmail addresses that I have tried unfortunately.  bit of a dead end. 

I tried removing my email address from em client and re-adding the email address, but it just adds a notes folder back.

If I delete the folder, it moves to trash, but then recreates a new Notes folder (with the same emails in it that were there before (I put a few in to test it)).