Notes field in Contacts

Hi everyone. I’m new here. I just downloaded Version 7.2. In the Notes field of the Contacts folder, I made a modification. When I pressed Save, the field was populated by an
tag. I’m versed in HTML 5 and CSS. Why were my edits replaced with this code? The pic below is what I’m seeing in the Notes field. Many thanks!

Also, I can’t sign in to this Forum using Chrome!! What gives. I had to use Firefox. Help! Thanks again :).

Rich text support for these fields is a new feature in 7.2, so you should no longer see that. Which provider are you syncing the contacts with?

I switched from Firefox to Chrome some time back and have not had any issues with signing into this forum. You might try clearing the browser cache and cookies and see if that makes any difference.

I don’t sync my Contacts with anything, Gary. I only use a single PC. I wonder if my issue with Chrome has to do with the password storage. I’ll look into that. I use CCleaner on a daily basis to purge all the crap out of my computer that the internet and MS seems to think I need to keep :(!

If you want me look at one of these contacts, you can send it to me at Just right-click on the contact and choose Send Contact.