Notes and Task Sync Feature for iCloud accounts users

HI Team , I am a free user at this stage - using a Single iCloud personal email address.
My mail and calendar Sync’s perfectly.

I noticed my Notes and Tasks “Reminders” in iCloud is not syncing?

Is this feature available to iCloud account users?

Is this Notes and Tasks feature only available to Premium account users?

Please Advise

Notes do not sync with iCloud.

Tasks should, regardless of the license you are using.

Hi Gary, i have upgraded to Pro version,

My iPhone uses the the New Native Reminders App ( it does not have a task feature)

Yet emclient will not sync any “reminders” in their Task Feature,

Calendar and Contacts sync 100% , would like my Iphone Reminders to appears as Tasks in emClient ( is there any way to make this happen)?

HI there just bought a Apple Macbook Air and installed Emclient with Pro License.

Still my reminders does not show up as tasks?? Using Apple iOS version 14.6

And my notes in iCloud also does not appear or sync with the notes feature in the emclient app for mac or windows for that matter using Mac Os Big Sur on macbook air M1

please advise