Not working with Microsoft

I have mixed feelings, I like this software but…
I managed to get Microsoft Outlook mail to work for a day by adding an Exchange profile.
Both Office 365 and which looks alike these days.
Today both my MS account shows with a red triangle and I am prompted to enter the password for the Office365 account but it will not take it, keeps asking for it.
I went to my godaddy account reset the password for my email to no avail, Em Keeps asking for the password.
I think EM is great but very unstable with MS stuff, I will have to give-up and try another client.
The only reason why I try to get away from Outlook is that I cannot move the Ost file to another drive.
too bad, em looks cool

Instead of your account password you need an app-specific password, which you can generate on your Microsoft account web page by going to Account>Security>additional security options (or something like that, this is just an ad hoc translation of my German UI). You will need this password only once while setting up your Outlook account in eM Client.
My Outlook/MS 365 account has been running just fine for years with eM Client.

No you don’t.

However, if you have setup an app specific password, you need to use that instead of the account password.

In Office 365 I see this. reason why I thought I would have to change the password on the Go daddy web page.

you can’t change your password here.

Your organization doesn’t allow you to change your password on this site. Please change your password according to the method recommended by your organization, or ask your admin if you need help.

Note that even though I am prompted to enter a password and given the round about, it looks like I can still receive/send mails so this looks like an EM issue.