Not working with Comcast & Windows firewall all of a sudden

Just about done with eM Client now! Last week it suddenly stopped loading one email address but diagnostics indicated OK. Then it started not working for my second address (a few days later). Saw something about firewall issues so addressed that and it started working – sort of… Now I have 0ver 4300 “new” emails in one address – all of them actually old. And I can’t delete or empty the junk mail folder…and now throwing constant errors “SMTP server doesn’t support authenication”

Hello Wesley,

Please make sure that your account configuration is correct for SMTP also try to untick “server requires authentication” in Menu>Tools>Accounts>Affected account>SMTP.

I have the same problem, after running the update to 7.0.28822.0 2 days ago I stopped receiving emails (comcast) I tried all of the suggestions, no change, it says it is synced, no errors, diagnostics says smtp is ok, this is my second post on this, would really like to get it working again, using comcast webmail is kind of a pain

Further investigation: I looked in Operations->Errors and found there is an error [pop3] attempt to connect failed due to server unavailability or settings, I have checked the setting, same as they have always been, I can connect thru incredimail, so server is available, this didn’t happen till I ran the update.  when I run diagnostics pop3 fails, if i click fix it says its fixed, but next time I have to repeat the process, If I try to change the settings the revert to the old settings (which used to work) seems strange If I can’t figure this out by Tuesday I guess I’ll figure out how to switch to another email client that works, this isn’t the first time I’ve had problems

after 3 days it started working again, very strange wish there were better diagnostics instead of the unexplained “can not connect”

Hello Bruce,

Seems like multiple users were affected by issues with Comcast.
I would recommend to discuss this matter with the provider during the next occurrence.
It looks like some maintenance or outage on their side, the problem is that support stuff can rarely admit that issue is on their side(mostly it is due to the company policies).
Anyway, I am glad that it sorted out and sorry for the delayed reply.