Not working after the last update - to version 7.2.34062.0

After the update, eM Client simply does not start. The task manager shows it running for a second and then it isn’t there anymore…

I have the same issue, did the update, now it won’t open.

I solved it by installing the latest version 7.2.34137.0 over my current one.

It was installing the latest version that caused the problem in the first place.

Have you tried rebooting?

Yes, when I try to open it is comes up with the error message saying it wasn’t closed down correctly and going through the checks.

Let it complete the check and see if the problem continues.

It completes the checks and then nothing, doesn’t open.

If you go into the task manager, is there an instance of eM Client running? If so, kill it and try again.

Another option, there is a newer version-- 7.2.34137.0  You might try installing it.