Not uploading incomin mail

I am new to em Client. I am not receiving emails on em Client (they are in the Gmail inbox) and I keep receiving this message from em Client:
“An attempt to connect to [email protected] failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Please check settings or click the warning symbol to try to connect again.”
If I click the warning symbol, just repeats. I have checked my settings and they seem to be correct.
Any suggestions on what might be happening?
Thanks, Brad

These are the Gmail IMAP & SMTP settings below for eM Client as per the example screenshots which should automatically populate when you add the Gmail account “via the automatic email wizard”.

If you didn’t add your Gmail account via the automatic email wizard initially, then that could be why you are getting that connection error as it’s not been authorized correctly. So you may need to remove and readd your Gmail account again. See the following eM Client link to setup Google workspace accounts.

Now If you did setup your Gmail account via the automatic email wizard and you already have the below settings, then could just be some background program interferrring with eM Client.

Programs that can sometimes interfere are eg: optionally installed firewall / security programs, or optionally installed antivirus programs or vpn’s, So if you have anything like that optionally installed other than what came with your os, try completely disabling those to test.

Apart from that you might have an older version of eM Client that might possibly need updating. You can see and d/l all the latest versions of eM Client via the release history page.



Hi Cyberzork
Thank you. I have checked the settings and they are correct. I did use auto setup for Gmail.
I have turned off my firewall (Norton) and tried again, but same result.
Only installed a couple of days ago so up-to-date.
Log file shows that it works OK until it tries to sync Gmail folder “All Mail” and then it goes berko for some reason. I tried to paste the log file below, but apparently new users cannot put more than two links in a post so I can’t post the log file. The “techo talk” in the log file is way above my pay grade :slight_smile:


Log file attached as .pdf sharing link from OneDrive.