Not update after few minutes

Unfortunately, your software stop to sync after few minutes.
To see new emails after 10 minutes, i should close the software and open it again.
Very annoying.
I am a pro user with pro license.
Just this error was active with trial license, but with pro license it worked only for few days, then now again it doesn’t sync the email after few minutes.
Can you fix it?

Have you tried going to the eM Client general settings, and then under the “Synchronization” section check mark both options including setting how many minutes you want it to sync? For example if you set that to 10 minutes, does it update your email every 10 minutes?

ok i found it but it not working. When i manually click the button “update” no emails will be updated.
To update new email, i should close the windows program and restart it again.
Very annoying.