Not syncing emails between 12/10/2014 and 02/04/2015 and all emails in between that period disappeared.

All my emails between 12/10/2014 and 02/04/2015 have just disappeared from em client with my hotmail account and it will not sync anything between those dates. New emails that I receive after that seem to be syncing fine and emails before 12/10/2014 seem to be there. All my emails are still in the online account as I have just checked. But even though it is syncing it is not filling up the ones between those dates which is hugely important for me!

I have had problems with this account before where my emails disappear and then they slowly fill up again which one of your people said was a problem with ‘airsync’ or something like that. this has happened a few times but usually I can tell it will fix because I can see it constantly syncing and filling my emails back up.

I have to admit these problems are getting very frustrating as not only when all my emails disappear do I lose all the categories (colour coding, my attempt at organisation!) I have put on them but it just means I can’t even get on with my work, although your support person said it is a problem with Microsoft exchange or something it has never happened to me with other email clients. This really is something that needs fixing especially as I am very keen to upgrade and use my other emails accounts with this, I love all the other features! The previous problems are something I could deal with just about. But this one is not good at all, just making all my emails disappear for no reason what so ever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, not completely sure what error you’re referring to, have we discussed this issue previously? If so, can you link me to the forum topic?

Please check if your messages are still available on the mail server by logging into the webmail online.

Also please check what mail service you’re using to synchronize your account, are you using an Exchange or AirSync account?

Thank you…

My Apologies, I did not explain myself well as I took this opportunity to point out the problems I have been having with your email client.

I have checked the webmail online and my emails are all there. I am currently using the online webmail service to do my emailing now. But as I mentioned above the em client is not syncing any emails in between the dates 12/10/2014 and 02/04/2015.

A new thing I have just noticed is that emails I am replying to via the online webmail service are appearing one by one as I reply to them, so it seems to be syncing them as I do something with them, but still nothing else is appearing between those dates.

I have no idea how to check what service I am using?? I just set up the hotmail account with em client and I am pretty sure it did the rest for me, unfortunately when I spoke to you guys last time I believe it was through an online chat so I can not link to anything.

Hi again, if you’ve used the automatic setup to setup your account you’re most likely using an AirSync account now, unfortunately this protocol has some issues that we’re unable to workaround, however before I make any false diagnose, are you seeing any errors when your try to synchronize the account?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

If there are any errors thrown by the application, can you please make a screenshot of the error or switch to the log tab when it occurs, copy the content of the log and submit it to us here?

Thank you…