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I receive sometimes emails in spam which are not spam. How can I whitelist these emails?

Click on the drop down button for Move to Inbox. You will have the option to Move to Inbox and Whitelist the Sender or Move to Inbox and Whitelist the Domain.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. By right clicking I can move the email, but I can’t find the whitelist option. Where exactly is this?

Do you see this when you select an email in your Junk folder?

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No! I do NOT see that. (Not with eMClient- SEVEN.) I can move it but it’s stil lmarked as Spam.

It is there in version 7. Please be aware that the toolbar is context sensitive, so unless your are in the jun folder, you will not see the option.

Oh, and as a follow-up, whitelisting it in eM Client might not do anything. I use gmail and if gmail has it blacklisted, it will go to junk despite eM Client settings. You must whitelist in gmail.

Very interesting. But my display doesn’t look anything like yours–I don’t HAVE a toolbar (anything like that).