"Not Spam"

I really like working with eMClient. The only thing is Spam-Handling: Especially with GMail I always have to open the Browserclient to mark wrong accused mails in Spam as ‘Not Spam’ or vice-versa just moving a mail to spam is not enough.

Are there plans to support that in the near future?

Another idea would be at least to present a button ‘Open in Webmail’ so that the mail could be opened directly in browser to be handled.

having a quick link to webmail would be a good idea, so one could check their mail before downloading. I use a mail washer program which does exactly what you are suggesting. One can mark mail as, good, friends,spam, or black list, any mail you never want. Once you mark a mail with one of the options, the mail washer program remembers the action and will have any “Never Wanted” mail marked ready for deletion and any other good mail that you don’t want, or down load, can also be manually marked for deletion. all you have to do then is, “Click Wash Mail” and all you have left is any mail you want to keep. You can restore any mail you have deleted if you need to,