Not showing contents of email

Once or twice a day, I receive an email that shows the sender, date, subject but not the content . There is no pattern to why this is happening – there is no pattern regarding sender, message type, time, or content. When I open my other computer that uses the Thunderbird client, the content of the email shows. It also shows on my iPhone using the Edison client. I would like to know why I am having this problem with the eM client.

Please advise what I can do.

Have you checked the switches to show or not show images?

so far, I’ve not found any emails that don’t show, so I suspect your experience is unusual.

I have DNS protection setup on my computer, so if an email were pulling images from an advertising or tracking site, it could be blocked on my DNS or firewall affecting this computer. Could it be something like that?

Something I’ve found on various websites that probably also applies to emails as well, shifting zoom level from 100% can shove things into oblivion. So, have you tried changing your zoom level?

I’m new here, but assume you could upload the source of one of those emails and we could look and see if something pops out to us.