Not remembering passwords for Googlemail accounts

Just downloaded & installed eM Client 4.0.15145.0

Having a problem with account passwords for Googlemail accounts
When I launch eM Client it continually asks for the passwords, “Save password” is checked.
It will ask till I cancel for all accounts, I can then send & receive emails fine.

In diagnostics in account setting pass with OK for IMAP & SMTP on all accounts.

If I then close eM Client and open it again, I get asked for the passwords for the accounts again.

majority of similar issues is caused by account misconfiguration. Open your account settings to see, if you have correctly filled passwords in all tabs (IMAP, SMTP, Calendar and Contacts, Chat) .

Good evening,

Yes, all passwords are (or appear to be) correct, I can access email (IMAP & SMTP) calendar & contacts for all accounts once I cancel the password prompts.

One thing I didn’t look at before was chat, and that is the problem, for some reason it won’t log on to chat. So I’ve disabled the chat service for these accounts, not a problem as I don’t use chat.

So all appears to be working good now.