Not receiving the free registration and activation email

I set up em client for a friend, she was very satisfied with it and wanted to activate the free version. She registered with her email but has not received any emails confirming this. We have checked in the BT online spam folder. We tried to register again but it was rejected because the email was already registered. We tried the send activation code button a number of times but to no avail.

Hello Roy,
I see no license under the mentioned email address on our licensing server.
Have you filled out the online form for your friend’s license on our website?
If you still cannot get a license from this page, please tell your friend to contact me from her address at with the information needed for a licence (name, email, country) and I’ll set up her license manually.


Thank you Olivia,
Registering again worked this time.

Hi Roy,
glad to hear all is in order now :slight_smile: