Not receiving Outlook emails

hmmmm ok strange as no issues with connecting to the servers with my phones mail app.


Today em client keeps failing to connect to microsoft servers. looked through the forums and found the fix for win and mac. This hasn’t worked for me. I have deleted the email and re added my email clicking the exchange button and I have gone through the setup and when I click finish it asks for my password again. Can anyone help with this please?

I’ll chime in to say that it’s happening to me as well. All the accounts cannot connect. Making a new account entry works (it authenticates with the Microsoft popup for the password) but then fails to actually connect or do anything.

I have a custom domain that also has a microsoft outlook backend and none of them log in as well. They all give the red triangle.

I can log onto all these accounts via the outlook website, and my android phone works as normal, so this is an emClient thing.

The red triangle thing happens once in a while, but clicking it usually just reconnects so I assume it’s just an internet hiccup, but this time it’s not going away. Seems to be a larger issue somewhere.

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Yes, the largest of them all. Microsoft broke something. :man_facepalming:


great. gotta love that! That’s the worst thing about having something that relies on someone else, they can easily break APIs, links, etc.

Thanks for looking into it! I hope it can be resolved in a decent timeframe.

Same problem here with an account and em Client. It happens on both a W10 PC and macbook.

I did a fresh install of em Client to my laptop and the issue persists.

Seems to be an em Client issue with

Doesnt seem to be Gary. I can access using the “native” W10 email app and from my phone.

I have no idea if the phone app is using IMAP. It does not specify it. It is the MS Outlook app for android.

I am aware of the fact that non MS apps like em Client have to authorise via Outlook to gain access to mailboxes, calendars, etc. It seems that for me at the moment, there is some sort of glitch in that connection as em Client cannot access ooutlook from any of the 3 computers I have tried it on.

it might not be em’s fault or making but imo Microsoft are unlikely to worry and even more unlikely to solve it - what they have done is for their reasons and works for them

so [again imo] em have to solve it and make emclient work with whatever microsoft have done

This seems to work. Very weird. I’m switching over all accounts to this and they seem to be downloading fine.

Are there any down/up sides to doing it this way? If not, I’ll just leave it as is now that it’s switched over.

Thank you for a solution!

Microshaft probably trying to force everyone to use Office 365. Every link you click on from Microshaft that states Office 16 or 19 goes to a page trying to sell 365 to you now.

I did have a version of Outlook on my Windows 7 setup and it worked perfectly. I stupidly changed to Windows 10 and Outlook won’t even install now.

That’s why I changed to eM Client because I don’t want a browser based version of an email client that you get from 365. I can get exactly the same using the link in my browser anyway and it costs nothing.

I was already using those imap and smtp settings and it stopped working today. I was getting emails fine up until about mid day. I checked and saw they had changed the settings to outlook[dot]office365[dot]com for both POP and imap if you check the settings on email synch. But that doesn’t work either.
Apparently it’s picking up the settings i posted above as a link and causing an error.

One difference is that a manual setup only gives you email. So if you have calendars and contacts with Microsoft, you will need to set them up separately.

But basically this just means using a different authentication method to access your email account. Here you use a username/password instead of the oAuth certificate.

@tony_adams, this is something Microsoft need to fix. We do not have access to their servers to change or fix something they have broken. If it was possible for us to do that, then you might seriously want to consider moving your email elsewhere as it would mean they have zero security.

I added a new account as you suggested and that new account works. I thank you for the advice about how to get around the problem. As asked by unrealrealityX, are there any down/up sides to doing it this way?

eM Client is a competitor email client, not an ally of Microsoft. As Gary has so kindly explained (several times) it is the certificate on Microsoft email servers that allows any of our email clients to download our email.

To repeat: This is not eM Client’s fault nor responsibility. Microsoft will need to do the reasearch and repair the certificate. Logging into your Live, Hotmail, Outlook account through a browser is a completely different protocol than using an email client.

Good thing I moved all my calendars and contacts to a local “nextcloud” environment instead recently. Thanks for the tip! Back to work!

This is not working for me ! I don’t know why !

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If you have 2FA on your account, then your password (probably) won’t work. You’ll have to log into your outlook account on the web, go to your account->security and scroll down till you see “App passwords” click the button to create an app password and it’ll give you a random character string that you use instead of your regular password. This will go around the 2FA. Going the oAuth route you don’t need to do this, but because emclient (or any app that doesn’t support the popup from MS) won’t allow you to bypass the 2FA.

Least that’s how it is for me. Maybe your case is different?

I think it is eM Client since it works fine using Thunderbird as my client.

Thanks for the information Gary ! I have 2 PCs / users here that both stopped receiving email from Outlook after about 4AM this morning. eMclient says can’t connect to email server. However I can send email from both of them !

Does anyone have a good contact for reporting this kind of issue to Outlook/MS ? Is there any reason to expect a resolution from them, or should we work on an permanent alternative solution ?


Is Thunderbird using oAuth for this account?