Not receiving emails

I have version 7.1.33101.0. I have not made any changes recently but now I can’t receive any emails. I can send messages but it doesn’t pick up. All account settings appear to be correct. If I uninslalled then reinstalled would I lose all my local folders?

Temporarily disable your anti-virus application, then try again.

You can also check that you have the correct port and security policy settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and click on the IMAP or POP3 tab, whichever one you are using. Both IMAP port 993 and POP3 port 995 should be set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) as the security policy.

It is not necessary to reinstall the application, but doing so will not delete your data. If you want to be safe though, first make a backup (Menu > File > Backup).

Thanks for that Gary.  The port (993) was correct as was the security policy setting.

I did disable my anti-virus (Kaspersky) and lo and behold the messages flowed in - great!

now I have to investigate what to do with the AV settings.