Not receiving email from my Hotmail account to eM Client inbox

As of the last couple of days I am not receiving ALL email to my eM Client inbox from my Hotmail account inbox. I get maybe 3 emails coming to eM Client out of 20 that are displayed in my Hotmail inbox. Can anyone tell me what is wrong and how to fix?

Thanks, Jenny


can I ask you what eM Client version do you use (help - about (write me whole number))?

Also have you changed to your account settings anything or does eM Client shows any kind of error message?

with regards

Hi, John
Thanks for responding!
The version I am using is 5.0.18661.0
It is free.
I have not changed anything in account settings nor have I seen any error messages.

In this case I will need your IMAP logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check IMAP under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Click on send and receive and after that send logs… (from advanced window again) to together with this topic’s URL in subject.

then you can turn logging off.


Thanks, John
The eM Client programs seems to be working OK, now. Getting all my email transferred just fine. The problem seem to occur when I downloaded a bunch of apps to my Kindle. Amazon sent an email for each download. I guess it was just too much for eM Client to handle??? Only a few came through out of around 20 emails.


well has limit on synchronization (which is something I tend to forget all the time), it has limits on few emails per time period only.

So if it is working for you now then it is standard behaviour for servers and it is not considered issue.

anyway if you will encounter another problem - do not hesitate to contact us.


I’m a little confused with your comment of Outlook (Hotmail) servers. You said they have a limit on synchronization. So, does that mean that even though all the emails are in my Hotmail account, they are not necessarily sent to eM Client if there are a lot of them?

Thanks, Jenny

No, they will all come to email client.

I don’t know exact numbers, but as example if you will have about 25 new emails will synchronize 20 and then it will wait few minutes until it will synchronize rest.

Another example on my account I have thousands of emails and it usually takes about three days until I have them all, because their servers will not allow it faster.