Not receiving any messages

I have just installed eM on the 30 day business trial. I am able to send messages to my two POP accounts at different providers. The eM diagnostics show green checkmarks both sending and receiving. However, I am not able to receive any messages at all from either account.

Click “Menu / Operations” and click the log tab and see if there are any obvious errors.

Thanks for your reply. There were not any errors listed on the error tab.

I signed up for the 30 day Pro trial, with the expectation that I would be happy to pay after a short test.

I cannot receive any emails at all, in spite of following the instructions to the best of my ability. Although I appreciate your help by responding to me, it does not look good to me that I cannot get any technical support from the developers to get this basic functionality working, unless I agreed to become a paid subscriber?

If the app doesn’t work at all, and I could get no support from the provider to convince me that it does indeed work, I have no interest in paying them a penny.

I sent a message to the sales department telling them that this is a critical presales support issue.

Let’s see if they reply.

Thanks again for your time