Not received in eM Client

Cannot find where to send this enquiry ! …
Today e-mails from 3 regular correspondents were not delivered to my eMClient. I only discovered this when looking at another device that downloads from my webmail server.
Whar happened ?

Could be that those senders emails may have gone into your eM Client junkmail / spam folder “if your mail server thought they might be possibly junkmail / spam” depending on the content in the email.

So if they have gone in there, go online to your webmail junkmail / spam folder and mark them as Not Spam which then will train your online mailbox to keep them in the Inbox next time.

Or you may have setup a rule in eM Client to automatically move them to a folder when they arrive, or you may have possibly accidentally black listed them in an eM Client rule. So click “Menu / Rules” (Pc) or “Tools / Rules” (Mac) and dbl-click all the rules in there to see if any of those senders are in there.

Apart from that, you can also click the search field at the top right (up to V9) or top centre (V10) and search for those emails by senders name or email address or subject etc to find what folder they are in.

In addition to @cyberzork response, perhaps your other “device” user may have deleted the messages?