not possible to modify an event starting on Saturday

I created an event from Monday to Friday (5 full days) in my agenda.
Now I decided to start change the start day to the previous Saturday (and the finishing day to next Sunday): there are 2 + 2 days extensions.
It is OK for the display in agenda when showing “only standard working days” from Monday to Friday.
I’dlike to edit the event but I can’t! Indeed, when the event is at the top of its main week, I double click on it and the week is automatically changed to the previous one (the one when event starts) and as Satruday is not shown I can’t reach the event…
Excepted switching to “full week display”, is there a solution to reach event contents?

I can confirm this behavior.

Clicking on the event moves the Work Week view to the previous week, and as the event begins on Saturday, it is not visible in that week.

In full Week view, clicking on the event also moves the display to the previous week. In that view Saturday is visible, so you can still see the event. I found that to edit the event I needed to click on the Saturday or Sunday section.