"Not Junk Button"

Is there a button or a function/filter somewhere it says it is not a junk, so the next time when you get a message from the same sender it would go to the junk again?


I meant wouldn’t go to junk again.

Select the mail which isn’t spam under the Junk E-mail folder. Click on ‘Move to Inbox’ button. You’ll get to options, ‘Move to Inbox’ or ‘Move to Inbox and remove black list e-mail’. Select the second option and the address would be removed in the filter.

When choosing options (right click mouse button) on mail in folder Junk E-mail I only receive the option “Move to Inbox” and not “Move to Inbox and remove black list e-mail”. Any other method to get junk mail which are not junk mail out of folder Junk E-mail?

The choice is in the tool bar, above.

Thanks, it worked!