Not interested in the logos alongside the mails

Hey. A couple of months ago I purchased the license for version 9. I didn’t realise it meant that from now on I will have those round logos beside each mail. I like a clean interface, one of the reasons I enjoyed eM is not having to see so much graphics on the screen. Also, it takes more place, meaning I have less mails in the viewable list at any moment. Is there anything I can do about that, and if not, how do I downgrade back to version 8? Thanks.

It doesn’t take any more space than not having them, but you can just disable the avatars.

The other options there might help though, like reducing the message preview to only 1 line.

You can also reduce the line height depending if you are using the single line view or the default multiline view.

If you want to downgrade though, instructions are here.

Thank you so much. When going over your instructions, I also found the option to choose smaller logos. This together with reducing the number of lines (removing the message previews) I can get the same number of mails per list (with the larger logos, this is not possible, even when reducing the number of lines). And in this size the logos don’t bother me that much like before, so I guess I will keep them for now. Cheers.

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