not getting message content

I have seen numerous posts regarding message content not being visible/delivered.  I have selected the download for offline use in IMAP.  I am using a Windows 10 PC.  I have been having the problem for several days using multiple different Internet connections.  I don’t know what to do next.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

A couple of things to try:

1.  Right-click on the inbox (All Mail if a gmail account), click on properties, repair and then click the repair icon.
2.  If that does not work, delete and recreate the account
3.  If all else fails, create a fresh database and recreate the account.  To do this:

a)  close eM Client
b) delete (or rename) c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
c)  open eM Client

This will create a new, fresh database.  Reenter the account information and allow eM Client to sync.


Thanks for the suggestions.  Tried everything, in fact I took it a step further and re-installed the app and am still getting the same problem.  If anything, it has gotten worse, as the pop up screen for entering my Yahoo credentials is also blank now, so I can’t complete that process.  i am thoroughly stumped!

I have the same problem. I have using eM Client on Win10 PC and with my Yahoo mail.
I have trying hard to eliminate MS Outlook from my life but eM Client has not contributed well.
Every day is a new issue. 
When I come back to Outlook, everything works fine. 
I will try eM client for more 1 month. If it do not work, I will came back.

If you are experiencing this issue since upgrading to 7.2.36465, then downgrade to the previous version and see if there is any difference.

My Free license 7.2.35595.0 does not upgrade.