Not getting emails!

Since downloading the update to eMClient, I’m no longer getting emails! Any help greatly appreciated before I have to switch over to another email system!

I presume you have the latest eM Client V9.

When you are in eM Client, click “Menu / Operations” and do you see any obvious error messages in the log tab ?

Also what happens when you click “Refresh”. Do you get any error messages appear ?

Need more information.

Hello. Thanks for replying. The only error messages are those which say it failed to connect. Tried refresh, but obviously everytime I try it brings up the same error message. This has only happened since the latest upgrade.

Also, emails sent out are not getting to their recipients.

Ok, just got two emails, but still can’t send any. They are waiting in the Outbox with the same message that it can’t connect to my email address.

If you have any optional installed eg: Firewall / Security programs, Optional Antivirus scanning programs or VPNs etc, try completely disabling those to test if interfering.

Thanks, but it didn’t work. Am I going to have to remove eM Client and download a different email programme?

What version of Windows are you using?

What anti-virus application are you using?

Windows 7. No anti-virus.

Windows 7 has TLS 1.2 disabled by default which is required.

You can enable that following the instructions here:

Gary, thanks - that seems to have worked. A test email to a private email account was sent, but weirdly test emails to myself still aren’t showng, but that may be a time thing. Thanks very much. Am I safe to update in future, or is it best if I never update again?

Since I doubt your talking about Windows OS updates since Windows 7 isn’t getting them anymore, I will assume you’re talking about upgrading eM Client. In that case since the change you made is a Windows OS level change upgrading eM Client shouldn’t be an issue as long as the version of eM Client your upgrading to continues to support Windows 7.

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