Not downloading some emails from SMTP/POP3 server

SMTp/POP3 server (  Two other PC’s using Thunderbird are also downloading emails on a periodic timer, as well as my eM Client PC.  All are configured to leave email on server, delete after 10 days.  Rarely, emails are received by Tbird machines but NOT on eM Client.  When I use web browser direct to, these emails are still on server.   Tried marking them at server as UNREAD etc, then retrieving email again, still no luck.  RUnning specific experiments always works, so it may be some collision of eM Client logging on at the same time as the other PC(s).


Can you please enable logging under Settings>Advanced and checking the POP3 checkbox? After that, please try to replicate the issue, restart eM Client and send the logs to [email protected]. Please reference this thread.