not downloading all my emails

Hi I’ve just installed emclient, and put in my email address/password to download everyhing from my provider (BT Yahoo). After a while it stopped, and says ‘no operations in progress’, no errors, but hasn’t downloaded all my emails, only 835 (or possibly 14864), but I have over 20000 emails - why hasn’t it downloaded them all. Also the right of ‘All inboxes’ it says 835, but in the top bar it says ‘All Inboxes (14864)’. Why the discrepency? 

Update: if i go to inbox/folder properties, it syas 20920 emails - which makes me think it has downloaded all the emails. However, firstly - what is the 835 number next to inbox? secondly - what are the numbers in the top bar (835/14864)? And thirdly - if I check the place where messgaes are stored: C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client  - the folder is only 98Mb! I had hoped to see at least 6Gb - so unless the files are stored somewhere else, not everything has downloaded. Can anyone help please?