Not connecting to Server

Sometimes and recently its occurring more frequently, I get a red triangle indicating that the program is NOT connecting to the server. How do I resolve the issue. Using Windows 10

I would suggest you try temporarily shutting down your anti-virus and vpn software to see if there is an improvement.

Shutting down the anti-virus program did not help solve the problem, but thanks for the suggestion, since they often block things

When you get the red triangle what happens after that? Does it eventually connect, do you have to close eMC and start again?

Who is your email host?
Have you double-checked your host POP3 /IMAP?

It used to connect after a while and selecting ignore error. Today the red triangle has never disappeared. and not able to send or receive messages . I’m currently sending and receiving messages using Thunderbird.

My Host SMTP is Smtp., and IMAP host: mail at I don’t see POP3 anymore. Do I need to remove and reinstall EM client

Double check that your settings are the same as your Thunderbird setup, including port assignments.
Doing an uninstall (do not delete the database) and reinstall with latest version from here is worth the try.

Also pay particular attention to the “Security” setting

Hi Al,

Just turned ON my other laptop to check those settings and also getting the red triangle and NOT sending or receiving mail…It CAN"T be the settings. There has to be something going on with the program.
I will check my wife’s laptop tomorrow to check the settings there
Thanks for all your suggestions so far.