Not all my incoming e-mails appear in my Inbox, but I have to look for them in the -box. Most confusing. How to reair?

Which folder are they going to?

It’s approx. 20 %, and I find them only in < All Mails>.

Do you have any filters setup in Gmail that might be changing the labels on incoming email? Or maybe Rules in eM Client that do the same?

I cheked them, couldn’t find intentional filters…

I am not a Gmail IMAP user, so can only offer the basics. I think a little later when Jay Ogram comes online he may have some suggestion for you.

Thanks anyway, Gary!

I, but on a rare occasion, see emails coming through gmail without an “inbox” flag.  Gmail really only has three folders, All Mail, Junk and Trash.  All active mail is in the All mail folder and can have one or more flags that will appear as folders, but are actually virtual. eM Client does not itself add or delete any flags, it simply accepts what Gmail sends it.

I have noted on those items that come in without inbox flags, they also do not have flags in the Gmail web client and also appear only in the All Mail folder there as well.

Please check your web client to see if it looks the same as in eM Client.  If yes, it’s not an eM Client problem.  Then check to see if there is similarity between the emails (e.g., same sender, domain, etc.).

whaaow! I’ve got work to do… Many thanks, Jay!