not all mail received

I am using two machines for email. Outlook on my laptop and eM Client on my desktop. eM Client does not receive all mail. Is it something to do with having both machines on and opening mail on the laptop so it then doesn’t show in eM Client? Or something else?

Hello Neil, it may be a problem with the setup you’re using, are you using an IMAP or POP for receiving e-mail? If you’re using POP, please note that the POP protocol only synchronises new unread mail from the server - this means that if you’re using IMAP on Outlook, read mail won’t be downloaded or synced with the second mail service. My best suggestion is to re-assure eM Client is configured with IMAP as well as IMAP keeps your items synchronised with the server.


Hi Paul

I have POP on laptop using Outlook and IMAP on desktop using eM Client. Basically I need eM Client to download everything. I need everything on both - read, unread, deleted etc

How do I configure for this to happen? Do I need eM Client to be POP? Can it be POP even?

If you’re using IMAP with eM Client, you should have the exact same content available as on your mail server, please login to your webmail in order to check if you’re seeing identical content. If POP is active on another computer, it’s possible your Outlook is setup to download the data from the server without leaving a copy on the server, but rather removing it after downloading, disable this option or configure your Outlook as IMAP as well.