Not able to sync due to "temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings"

I’m getting an error that either the server is unavailable or my settings are incorrect. I’ve triple checked my settings and they are correct and I have tried the “fix” command to no avail. I’ve tried connecting on multiple different networks and it still doesn’t work and hasn’t for the past 3 days. Occasionally it will download some of my messages but I can only see the subject and sender and when I try to view the message it says it will be downloaded next time I go online.

I use EM client for work (have been for over a year) and haven’t had problems this badly until the past few days. I need a fix ASAP.


can I ask what version do you have and what email service provide do you use?

with regards

My version 6.0 . Me too getting same problem

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the settings and post the exact version number from Help > About?
Also are you having any issues while sending/receiving email?

Thank you,

I am not seeing my folders synced after adding the account.

Hello Manas,
can you attach more details about your issue? What account did you add? Are there any error messages in Tools>Operations>Error window? If so, please copy the log from the third tab.
Do you have any other accounts and do they experience the same problem?