Not able to send any emails

I have configured emclient with my isp email account - exactly as it was in my old email client (I’ve used both Thunderbird and Outlook). Regardless of this my email will not send. It just sits in the outbox. I have also tried using the option to send immediately, and have clicked the send/receive (all, selected etc) and the send only options. Again no matter what I have tried it will not send. I also confirmed that with those settings I can send successfully from the old email client today. So it is not an ISP problem. This is urgent as if I am not able to correct it I will not be able to use the program.

could you please describe account settings in the SMTP tab (Host, Port, Security policy and selected Authentication method)

Best Regards

Sure: Host:; Port: 25; Security Policy: Don’t Use secure connection; Selected Authentication method: Use identity credentials.

I hope this helps. I took these settings directly from the email program I was last using, and they do work.

The instructions from your provider seem to be little scarce [1]. Please try setting the authentication method to “Anonymous”. Hope this helps.


That worked - THANKS!!!