Not able to reopen email

Once in a while I cannot reopen an email that I have previously read. If I open an email above or below it I can use the arrows to open it. I can also close and reopen Em and it will allow me to open the email.
Any suggestions? This happens from none to several times a day.

That can sometimes happen if you have an eg: IMAP account, where the local cache of the remote read email hasn’t quite completely cached locally 100% so it fails to re-read when you click it the next time.

So when this happens, if you then “click below or above that specific email” and “then back on that email” it should then force it to read again from your remote mailbox. Look at the very top of the email when you click it where you will see a small line moving across the top of the email untill the body is fully read. It should then be right the next time to click on that same email.

However if that doesn’t work, you can also alt force eM Client to download messages and attachments for offline use, by clicking “Menu / Accounts”, and then “click on your email account on the left” and then “click the IMAP Tab” along the top". Then you will see the “Sync Options” check boxes near the bottom to click to d/l messages for offline use and attachments as in this Gmail IMAP example. Tick both boxes & Save Accounts.

When you next click Refresh or Close and reopen eM Client, click the drop-down on the right of Refresh & click “Show Operations” to see when the above is completed. It can take a little time depending on the size of your mailbox.

Note: Doing this will take more space up in eM Client database, but normally will fix that issue.

Lastly if the above doesn’t fix it, or you don’t have an IMAP account, you may have a corrupted local cache in eM Client and might need to either repair eM Client or remove & re-add your Account.

Thanks for your input. I am sure one of your suggestions will resolve this. Thanks again.