I had a look at your software and am quite impressed. Currently I’m still using Thunderbird and I would like to switch to eM Client Pro, but there’s one thing that hinders me from doing that: it’s Thunderbirds Nostalgy addon which is so incredibly useful that I can’t live without it. Is there a chance that you integrate something similar into eM?

Greetings Steven

In one of the next versions (probably next major, 4.0) there will be manageable shortcuts for almost every activity with eM Client (currently there already are shortcuts for lot of them including copy&pasting).

Do you have any idea when that version will be released?

Managed means, that I can edit them like in Opera?
E.g. Mark as read -> g (Gelesen)
Mark as unread -> u

It is scheduled for January, but I can’t give you an exact date.