None of the 2nd terminal server users can't obtain their signatures

Most of our users work remotely on a terminal server (Windows Server 2019 Standard + RDS services) and we use the License Manager to centrally manage their signatures.
We’ve installed a 2nd terminal server recently, exactly the same as the 1st one. The users can login to whatever server they want. But when logged in to the 2nd server, none of them can obtain their signatures from the License Manager.
Already tried to disable the Windows firewall and Kaspersky antivirus and also to update the app to the latest release - none of these helped.
The servers are licensed in EM client.
We have checked everything we can think of, but for some reason emClient is unable to pull updates from the license manager on the 2nd server.
Any ideas?

Suggest to lodge a ticket via the eM Client Pro / Enterprise support page.