Non-Junk Tag is occurring for no reason

I’m getting a lot of non junk emails getting the automatic label of NonJunk or NotJunk. One makes the text beige and the other red. I don’t like it, I don’t see these tags in the tag section to delete them, this is happening on various emails for gmail and from my personal and business domains which are with infomaniak in Switzerland. I want it to stop but I don’t see how. I can’t even create a rule to not tag these emails with that tag as the tag of NotJunk or NonJunk doesn’t exist in the Tag section.

This is a long time for no response from tech support regarding this.

This is a free community support forum. Most likely no one has any idea why that is happening. I think it is something unrelated to Emclient, and most likely your e-mail provider is adding those tags. Emclient is just adding the colors as usual for different tags. But can’t give you any more suggestions than that.

If you have a Pro license, you can ask for specialized support here:

I had the same problem. It seems that the Thunderbird email client is adding these, according to some other posts, but it might be Fastmail (my email provider). I was able to remove them by creating a tag in eM Client “NonJunk” – all of the existing emails immediately belonged to this tag. I then selected all emails (it took a couple minutes) and from the tag menu, removed NonJunk while leaving the other tags untouched. I found I had a few tagged as “Spam” as well that were not spam, so I did the same thing for that tag

Yes, I had to do the same thing. But the problem was that the number of tags amounted to 50 that I had to add in to the Tags section, just in order to be able to delete them. Every day I had to delete close to 200 tags. EM Client tells me that it’s not there problem and they refuse to do anything about it. So I had to give up on it and they refused to refund me my lifetime membership because it had been too long by the time I asked for my money back. I tried to find a way to make it work, but their response is basically that it’s not their problem as the tags they say are coming from somewhere else. But I don’t have this problem with any other email client

I’m getting a lot of non junk emails getting the automatic label of NonJunk or NotJunk

Yes agree with @Gustavo2 that the issue with more than likely be with the actual mailbox providor adding those tags. eM Client is merely just displaying whatever the remote mailbox (has already) attached to the emails. I personally don’t have that issue with my own three IMAP accounts.

I would suggest to contact your mailbox providors where this happens and advise them of the issue.

That’s the same thing that EM Client suggests. But I must strongly disagree. This doesn’t happen with any other Email client that I’ve ever used. So while these tags may be getting generated randomly from my domain provider, gmail, icloud,, I don’t have the time or patience to contact each and every provider to determine why this is happening only with EMClient. It’s easier just to throw the program in the proverbial trash bin and move on.

I disagree completely, because I manage my mail server myself, and it doesn’t do any tagging. In addition, the tags are not assigned with other clients and are not visible in the RAW text of the mail.

This is definitely one of the many unmanaged bugs of emClient.

eM Client doesn’t randomly assign tags. You either need to do it manually, or setup a Rule to do that.

If it is neither of those, then it is done by the server, or another device/app connected to the same account.

Unfortunately, as before when talking to support, it all falls on deaf ears. I hear over and over that EMClient doesn’t assign tags. Well, let’s assume for the sake of argument that that is completely true. I still am having a strange problem that I’ve never had on any other email client and I have used many. At minimum, you should have a way to turn off the displaying of tags, I mean, after all, who really uses tags? Maybe folks used to Markdown, that’s about it. I’ve used them periodically throughout the years and find them useful maybe 1 out of 10,000 emails. So we could solve this problem just by allowing the user to turn them off. However, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Postbox, Geary, Evolution, Newton, BlueMail, Edison Mail, Mailspring, KMail, Hiri, Claws, even Vivaldi beta Mail, et all, don’t have this problem. Not one has this issue. So I do not believe that EMClient doesn’t assign tags. Either that or it’s reading tags that were never mean to be shown to the end user.