Hi. I just installed EM Client and have this odd issue:

When I get an email from my husband, it arrives from two sources: (1) his email address, and (2) “nobody@invalid.invalid on behalf of” him. This does not happen with anyone else’s emails. And it didn’t happen when I was using Outlook 2007.

Anyone have an explanation why this occurs and how I can stop it?

I tried this
but a glimpse look at the results did not offer something that looks helpful (but: try yourself, I spent only little time on it)

You should answer (yourself) some questions to investigate this:

  • Changed your husband to emClient, too?
  • Have you changed your email provider (or your husband)?
  • Is there possibly an email redirection set to get sent mail into an additional post box?
    • It is possible to set up a configuration that a sent mail always is sent as a copy to another/your own account. Maybe there the sender address is wrong/missing (not sure if this is possible)

I am no “Outlook specialist” therefore this is just an idea: Did you import your postbox data from Outlook? Maybe there a redirection for copies into a folder or something like that was set and is now invalid. PST import generally has some interesting effects…

Beta version 8.0.1481 fixed this issue, so if you are using a beta version, upgrade to the latest version available in the Release History.

I am not sure if it was fixed in recent version 7 releases, but if you are on version 7, upgrading to the latest version 7 in the Release History might also fix the problem.