No write access in NextCloud calendar

Dear all, I’ve added a NextCloud calendar to eM Client. To achieve this, I’ve created a CalDev account (which didn’t add the shared calendar right away as I’d have expected) and than subscribed to the shared Internet calendar. I’m now seeing the NextCloud calendar in eM Client but can merely access it read-only. When trying to add a new event, I’m told that the element cannot be saved since the account is write-protected (German: “Das Element konnte nicht gespeichert werden, da das Konto schreibgeschützt ist.”) When adding the NextCloud calendar to the macOS Calender app via CalDav with the exact same credentials, I DO have write access, so I suspect an eM Client config error on my end. What could be wrong? Thanks!

Using Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar is read-only.

For write access you need to add the calendar as an account. i.e. CalDAV, Fruux, etc.

Hi Gary, thanks for the quick feedback, much appreciated! I DID create a CalDav account but that didn’t add my NextCloud calendars to eM Client. I’m still only seeing the local default calendar.

See if @Keith_Newton comment at NextCloud URL for using Calendar and Contacts is of any use.

Hi Gary, I’m pretty sure that I was using this kind of URL (NextCloud has two buttons that copy the CalDav address to the clipboard - you can choose from “primary” and “iOS / macOS”. The latter gives you the required URL). That said, I’ve now removed the CalDav account and created it once again, and now I’m seeing my NextCloud calendars AND I can add and edit events! So I must have made a mistake before after all. Thank you very much!

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Hi Gary, so if I have the link as described in this conversation, what are the steps to create the account with write access?

I keep either finding the option for a local calendar or a subscribed calendar but want to set up a calendar that has write access (in this case to my Nextcloud like @WishyWash


You can add the calendar in Menu > Accounts > Add Account > Calendar > CalDAV. It will setup Calendars, Contacts and Notes all at the same time.

You will need the calendar URI, as well as the username and password for the account.

Hello Gary, NOTES sure ???
EMC cannot notes from OC/NC !!! I hope this feature is coming :wink: