No Valid License Message Upon Opening EM Client

After paying to upgrade to V9, I keep getting nag screens telling me I don’t have a valid license. I then go through the process to validate and everything is fine until the next day when I have to do it again. What is going on and how do I fix this?

Could it be you are using a single device license on more than one device? If so, when you activate it on a second device, it will automatically deactivate on the first.

Another possibility is if you are using a beta OS or a VM, which changes the HWID on every reboot/update. Then it appears to the license server that you are using a different device and not the one it was previously activated on.

Thanks for the response Gary. I thought I purchased a multiple device license, but now I think you are correct. Is there a way to upgrade to multiple devices or do I have to just buy another single? I want to keep using both computers as I migrate to the new one…although I guess I can keep just reactivating it when necessary.

You can add devices to your license, and take advantage of the bulk discount rate for additional licenses here. Just enter the license key that you want to expand.

Or you can continue to reactivate a single license until the migration is complete, and then use just one device with your license.

Hi Gary,

Thanks a heap for the info and timely responses. I went ahead and expanded my license just for convenience and as a small way to support EM client. I’m glad this was such an easy thing to resolve!

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