No upload to Gmail

Since the last update items cannot be uploaded to Gmail for synchronisation. This the message I get from Gmail. explaining what is wrong. In Dutch it says that uploading to has failed and gave the following errormessage:

[Google Contacts]Het uploaden van item(s) naar map ‘’ is mislukt met de volgende foutmelding: Can not remove all contact group memberships. Contact must always be in at least one contact group.

What do I have to change, either in EMclient or in Gmail?
I hope you have a solution,
With kind regards,
Piet de Geus

As long as you are “using a recent version” of eM Client, to fix that error, you just normally need to “Remove your Gmail account” from eM Client and “Re-add the account” again. If you are using a normal Gmail (IMAP) account then all your mail and folders / labels will come back once the Gmail account has been re-added to eM Client.

Note:- Before removing the Gmail account or Updating eM Client, backup first via “Menu / Backup”.