No Trash folder

Been having problems with “Sent” mail and got all messed up trying to fix it, so I decide to uninstall EMClient and start over. (I may have messed something up with the imap folders in webmail.)  So I ran CCleaner and attempted to remove all traces of EMClient on my pc so no settings would exist.  Cleaned the registry.  I cleaned up my webmail (Gmail).  Then I reinstalled version 6.0.21151.0.  My “Sent” mail is working properly now, but I don’t have a “Trash” folder or Spam/Junk Mail folder in EMClient.  When I added a Trash folder to EMClient, it created a second trash [imap] folder in Gmail, but the EMClient folder did not contain the emails in my Gmail “Trash” (non imap) folder.



EMClient was working for months w/o problems and now I’m all screwed up with it.  How do I get these folders back and get them to contain the emails properly?  The Junk Mail and Trash folders are not listed under “Show/Hide” for me to “Show”.  “Repair” didn’t work either.

Hi, if the Trash folder is not displayed in eM Client, please try to login to your GMail account, navigate to your Labels settings and check if you have “Show in IMAP” option enabled for the Trash folder.

Hope this helps,