No tasks over ActiveSync (AirSync)?

First creating an account and then changing the server, maar em Client sync with my Axigen iX server with ActiveSync; kudos for that! Everything is synced, or so I thought. Tasks are _not_ synced, the application doesn’t even show the (task)folders. Am I missing something?

Hello, not quite sure what kind of setup you’re using with eM Client, what mail service are you using with eM Client. Note that ActiveSync (AirSync) is only supported for accounts, this server does not support Task synchronisation, that’s why Tasks may not be included.



Like I wrote in the original problem report: Axigen iX. First I created a account and then changed the server to the Axigen server. This works pretty good (one exeption beeing that all the mails were marked as ‘follow up’ on the first sync), only there is no task sync…

Will more ActiveSync support be available soon? I mean for servers that offer ActiveSync, like Axigen, Zimbra, Zarafa, Kerio etc.
I would use CalDAV for the tasks, but your application apparently doesn’t support ‘CalDAV subdirectories’, so it throws me an error: [CalDAV / CardDAV]  MailExceptions.OperationException: Subfolder synchronization for folder “” failed due to the following error: Not Implemented

Regard, Angelo

Unfortunately we do not support ActiveSync for other account types at the moment. You should however be able to synchronise the account using standard IMAP/SMTP protocols.


Using IMAP/SMTP doesn’t solve anything, since I’m not having problems syncing my mail or sending it. Too bad, emClient looks promising, but lack of proper ActiveSync support makes it unusable for me at the moment. I personally think if you would/could expand this support, you would really have a killer application which a lot of ‘Exchange/ActiveSync compatible’ server owners would love to use instead of Outlook.



Hello, we’re working with the Exchange Web Services protocol in order to synchronise with Exchange enabled servers, unfortunately it is not possible to improve our support for ActiveSync at the moment due to licensing issues, the protocol is mostly for mobile device synchronisation. We’re however open to improve it in future if possible.

Thank you for your support,