No synchronization of the main folder for receiving messages, others work

Don’t get my emails in the main folder for receiving messages. The other folders are working. I am using an account and the IMAP settings are on 143, SMTP is 25. It shows constantly the status of being synchronized ie being downloaded. If I use the ports recommended from the provider, nothing is working. I use the same settings on another laptop and there it works fine. My phone uses the settings from the provider, also fine.

They recommend IMAP port 993, so choose that and the security policy Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Are you getting any errors about not syncing the Inbox?

Thank you for your response but now I could fix it on my own. I clicked right on the folder itself and then on “repair”. Now I got all the emails and it is synchronizing even new arriving mails. Thank you nevertheless.

Yeah, it is possible that the sync had stalled. Glad you got it working.