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Hi, I would like to see the option to choose no standard account. Let’s say I work with two accounts, a private one and a business one. Why must I declare one of them to be the “standard” account? Both are equally important to me and both are equally busy.

On the left pane I am in one of the accounts; in the in box most often, or in sent, sometimes in some other account folder. When I click “New” for a new e-mail, I would like to write an e-mail from the account I am currently “in” not from a so-called “standard” account.

Imagine my business emails are simply black and white and my private e-mails use a template with pink background and some fancy font :slight_smile: So far I must declare one of the accounts my “standard”. If the private account is my standard, then “New” opens a new e-mail with pink background. I can change “from” to my business account and the signature changes, but the template does not. I would like to see the template change with the account as does the signature. But even more I would appreciate if not a “standard” email would be created in the first place, but rather an e-mail for the “active” account.

(Besides I support all ideas making the work with various accounts and long folder lists easier. Color the accounts on the left pane. Or better make each account a section, so not to have “emails”, “calendar”, … but “myaccount@xy”, “otheraccount@yz”, “calendar”, … I think these topics get too little attention.)

Hi, I’m not completely sure where did you setup the standard account.

If you go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures, you can setup default templates for different accounts.
As well as signatures.

What version of eM Client are you using? If you are in an inbox of one of your accounts and click on new the from address should be setup to that account.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply.

If you go to extras|accounts you see your accounts. One of them (the “standard” account) is bold. You can select another one and press “set as standard”, but you cannot have no standard account.

As to templates and signatures: Yes I know how to create and assign them. However, when creating a new e-mail and then switching the from account, the signature will change the template not.

My version is 6.0.20154.0. I tried it again, and yes, the appropriate account is taken as from address. Don’t know what went wrong when I tried it.

So there seems to be no problem at all with that “standard” account and my suggestion should be cancelled. Thanks for having me check this once more, Paul.


Oh, there seems to be no option to withdraw my request somehow.

Hi, I’m glad this works for you at the moment, if you come across any other issues or questions, let us know we’ll be happy to help.

The default account is basically set for when you’re using some mail to links online etc. Some account has to be assigned automatically, while performing these actions… But it shouldn’t be a problem while using the functions of eM Client.

I’ll marked your post as solved, don’t worry about it.

Thank you, best regards,