No Retries Setting?

I’m really liking eM Client so far, but have one nagging issue.

About once a day I might loose connection with the Exchange server.  That’s not the problem - I’m on a VPN on a busy WAN gateway, and expect an occasional drop.

The issue is that eM Client throws up it’s warning dialog that it had errors connecting, which is fine.  Unfortunately it then just sits there without attempting to reconnect.  I don’t see any retries setting in the configuration.  Am I missing something?

Once I manually acknowledge the error, I get a flood of backlogged changes as eM Client then reconnects.

Hi Tim, not completely sure what you’re referring to, can you make a screenshot of the error? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check for the exact version in Help > About?

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I might have a similiar problem, using two IMAP accounts (IMAP-IDLE). After losing connection to a network (e.g. moving from home to work), emClient opens the status window to show connection errors. However, it stays disconnected until send/receive is manually executed. Expected behaviour would be to attempt reconnecting.

Because this, however, happens in the background (the status window opens, but no notification or similiar is sent) i might not notice and miss eMails. It is happening rather frequently (approx. every other network change).

Is this the usual behaviour when “Open status window on error” (Einstellungen -> Allgemein -> “Bei Fehler Statusfenster einblenden”) is checked?

OS is Windows 8.1
emClient is 6.0.21372.0

Hi Andreas, yes this is the intended behavior, if your client loses connection with the server, an error will be thrown as the IDLE connection gets terminated. Unfortunately unless you keep the application connected, the error has to be thrown.

However eM Client should automatically reconnect based on your settings in Tools > Settings > General > Synchronize items every X minutes.

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Hello Paul,

thank you. Being “trained” to Outlook-“Logic”, i disabled the timed synchronization (necessary to make Outlook use IDLE, rightfully superfluous for emClient).

I just checked, everything works as expected now.

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Sorry Paul for the lack of reply after posting this.  I’m pretty busy these days.

My problem is indeed the same as Paul’s and has the same resolution.  The only difference is I have one Exchange and one IMAP account.

Because I’m used to accessing Exchange via a protocol that supports push, I had disabled the timed polling for that account, thinking it was redundant.  I had left IMAP set to poll on a timed basis because I saw that you don’t support idle.

Is there any plan in your roadmap to include IMAP idle and Exchange push?  I like eM Client, but I haven’t used a client that only supported polling since the days I used to have POP accounts.  That’s not a slam, it’s just an objective observation.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi Tim, not completely sure what you’re referring to, eM client does support IDLE connection over IMAP, it also supports Exchange accounts over the Exchange Web Services protocol.


Do I need to have timed polling enabled or not? By push, I mean that the server pushes changes to the client as they occur, and the client doesn’t have to check tge server every X minutes. If I don’t need to have the timed polling enabled (IMAP.and EWS push), then the problem of lost connections not reconnecting becomes relevant again.

If I disable “Synchronize items every X minutes”, I still get IMAP mail, so I apologize - idle is indeed present and working.

However, as I suspected, EWS does not work in eM without polling (“Synchronize items every X minutes”), unlike Outlook, which I believe uses EAS or some form of it.  That was my point above re: Exchange protocols and the need for polling.

The EWS protocol does support push notifications, it just doesn’t appear to be implemented in eM Client.

Hi Tim, eM Client does support Push on Exchange, so you should be able to use your account with Push enabled.


Okay, well it’s not working for me so I must have an issue somewhere.

If I disable “Synchronize items every X minutes”, and send a message to my Exchange account from another device/account, the message shows up immediately in the Exchange clients on my phone and laptop (laptop has Outlook), but never shows up in eM Client.  I have to send a message from the Exchange account or manually send/receive in eM Client to get it to pick up the new received message.

I guess I will see if this a server-side setting when I get to the office.

Hi again Tim, does it never get delivered, or are you by any chance able to receive the message within next minute. Current push setup in eM Client is using a restriction and the application only sends a request to the server once in a minute, so the maximum delay you should be seeing is one minute.

This had to be unfortunately created as a pre-caution for use with the Exchange account.

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