No reponse from eM Client Employees or anyone

Please search “mail template” and you will see my report of a problem with mail templates. Nobody has answered this problem yet. Please help.

I did receive: 1120 topics found for “mail template”.

No response to my Urgent ticket, either (Unrelated case).

Maybe the support staff took the week off?

Paid Pro license customer get dedicated support. Free users get community support via this forum where employee from eM participate. Obviously there’s no guarantee on time line when they do so.

For the community support, people need the same experience and usage and be willing to help you. Unfortunately most people ask question and never bother helping other people. Though I participate regularly but I don’t use template so I can’t answer your question.

Tore: What problem are you having? You made no post on the forum with your problem.

Sorry, I should have been more clear…when you do the search for “mail template”, I come up at the top (today). To be more specific, the title of my report is “mail template does not work for new mails…only reply and forward”

Yes, I understand that free is free…but I was hoping that someone from eM would have noticed my post by now…2 weeks later.


I have the Pro version and I have submitted an Urgent ticket through the ticket submission system.
I also made a brief post here, under Technical Problems, a couple of days ago.

(My issue is that eM Client generates so many logins per minute that my email service provider blocks my account.)

You mean this:…

Sorry, for some reason Get Satisfaction is not linking your post under your profile.

Yes, that seems to be my post “eM Client generating excessive number of logins… etc”