No paragraph breaks in some replies


No paragraph breaks in some replies.


I compose emails in Word Perfect and then paste the text as text only in the reply. In some of my replies although the reply has paragraph breaks when I see the email before sending, when I see the email after it is sent, the email has no paragraph breaks.

Before sending an email, even though I see paragraph breaks, if I manually insert a break by inserting SHIFT+ENTER the email has paragraph breaks when I see it after sending.

It happens only in some replies. It does not happen when I send an original email after pasting text from Word Perfect.

Thank you.

miércoles 08 marzo 2023 :: 0832hrs (UTC +0100)

This is caused by the way that Word Perfect is creating line breaks,
It is not an eMC issue as when you manually enter a line break your
email format as you wrote.

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Do you use a signature ? If yes, deactivate and try again.

I also have a problem when pasting text into a mail message.
It doesn’t matter which text editor, all line breaks always disappear when I use a signature.
Troubles begann after update to 9.2.1577.0.

Went back to 9.2.1222 - all is fine again.

eMClient support wasn’t very helpful and eventually stopped responding. :unamused:

Please re-open your support ticket, and we will try and resolve this for you.