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On the em website I can read "With eM Client all your emails, contacts, calendars and tasks on can comfortably and reliably be synced to your computer. "
But my em client only shows tasks for Gmail and local tasks - Outlook is missing.

Can somenone help me out of this?

Thanx :slight_smile:

Hi, unfortunately eM Client currently does not support Task synchronization over accounts, we’re working on this feature for future releases.

I’m sorry that the website includes a faulty information, this has been added to the website by accident and I have submitted a request to pull the information down, until the information is valid.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience,


I fought a similar issue for a long time myself.  The issue is with  There is little to no support or access to the TASKS in for outside/third-party software, Android or iPhone apps. 

In fact, even the “official” Microsoft Outlook and mobile applications for Android and iPhone do not sync tasks.  The only thing that does sync tasks are select Windows Phones and the Pro Surface tablet.  That’s it. 

If you’re a heavy task user, I would seriously recommend switching to another service (although there isn’t much out there that has all calendars, emails, contacts, and tasks)   I’m going to test the ZOHO service this week… Trust me, I’ve been in search of a better solution for 4 years!!!

Not much help , but now you now

Hello unfortunately you’re right the Task sync is not supported for accounts. Depends on how many users you need to use with your account, however generally my best suggestion would be switching to Google Apps or Gmail if you’re looking for a replacement for your Outlook account. We also like IceWarp as a Groupware solution for larger clients.

Hope this helps.


@Paul: will task-syncing with be supported in version 7?
@Spike: for Android, there is an app in the Google Play Store called “Tasks and Notes” which syncs what it says, even with

Since this Android-App proves that task-syncing with and 3rd-party software is possible, i hope that eM Client will support this feature in the future.

will it?

thanks, Tino.